Trudeau, male construction workers, and political obfuscation paul k buller desk exercises for abs

So, there’s all sorts of shifts we’re making because we know that you cannot succeed as a society if you are holding back half of your population. And looking at all the different barriers and moving forward on reducing them, on eliminating them as well as, as a government body, looking at how every different decision can have an impact on women in a positive or a negative way. Even big infrastructure projects, you know, might now say, well, what does a gender lens have to do with building this new highway or this new pipeline or something? Well, you know, there are gender impacts when you bring construction workers into a rural area. Deskjet there are social impacts because they’re mostly male construction workers. How are you adjusting and adapting to those?

That’s what the gender lens in GBA-plus budgeting is all about. These are all things that we’ve been doing, not to be nice or to be better or to be moral, but to be smart about getting the very best out of all of our citizens and making the very best out of our economy, because women entrepreneurs tend to make better choices than others — we’ve seen it study after study. Front desk jobs sparks nv so, this is all something that I see the world moving on in many ways. Leaders are moving on. But the business community needs to wake up and move on as well….

What I find fascinating is the careful use of language. He makes his point, but in a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” fashion. He says it, without saying it, giving him that precious political tool of “plausible deniability” which his office latched on to (as reported at the link). The challenge, though, with plausible deniability is that it must first meet the minimum criteria of being plausible at all.

The overarching theme of the panel discussion is that there is some fundamental problem with the status quo. This is precisely the nature of his entire discussion; start by explaining the problem, then move on to proposed solutions. Politicians give many sorts of public speeches, but this sort of public speech is specifically one of the “fix the problem” types of speeches. He is not celebrating a national history, or remembering a war hero, or any other such public affair. Desktop wallpaper hd full screen nature not this time.

“you cannot succeed as a society if you are holding back half of your population” – ok, so our society is “holding back” the women in some sense. It seems self-evident that he believes women are the one’s being “held back” – does anyone care of object and propose that trudeau believes it is the men who are being held back? Drop me a line and let’s discuss.

“there are social impacts because they’re mostly male construction workers.” so not just “gender impacts” but also “social impacts”. These “impacts” (given the nature of the speech) are obviously negative. And, given the context of the speech, clearly it is women who are suffering as a result of the presence of the male construction workers.

It might be argued (as some have tried) that he is simply speaking of “impacts” in a general sense, not specifically claiming the impacts are positive or negative. Indeed, he even says, earlier in that short speech, that his government is, “looking at how every different decision can have an impact on women in a positive or a negative way”, so he opens up to the possibility that the “impacts” of which he speaks are positive, not negative!

Nonsense. Odesk iphone app download if the overall situation were positive for women then what’s the point of the panel discussion in the first place? Why gather thought leaders (if I can be generous to trudeau for a moment by calling him one) to explore a situation if everything’s fine? The entire point of the panel discussion is, “we have a problem; how are we going to fix it?”

In that context he may allude (in passing) to the fact that there various positive impacts to women are possible, but clearly the context of the speech is intended to explore the actual negative impacts on women. That’s the whole point of everyone getting together. If his speech were a lengthy exploration of everything women have going for them, then he would have been entirely out of place at that panel discussion.

At this point the speech takes a turn from pointing out the problem, to showcasing what his government has been doing to attempt to address the problem when he says, “these are all things that we’ve been doing…”. Now, instead of focusing on the negatives that are associated with the problem, he is focusing on the positives associated with the solutions. Positives such as…

I’d love to use this as a rant against trudeau specifically, but that would be an example of missing the forest through the trees. Hp deskjet printer price list in kolkata the reality is that trudeau absolutely does not have a corner on the market when it comes to anti-masculine beliefs and expressions of those beliefs. That mindset is en vogue these days, and it comes at us from too many angles to keep track of.