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That would be Ledley King, who threw out the first pitch. And Shohei Ohtani, who demolished one sad baseball to deep center field for his 8th HR of the year. And Mike Trout, who swung his bat 3 times all night in 5 Plate Appearances and a line of 0 for 0 with 4 walks and an RBI. (He saw 20 pitches, with an IBB free pass thrown in to boot.) And Albert Pujols, who stranded 5 runners on base. And Hansel Robles, who took two inherited runners from Jaime Garcia and moved them all the way around the bases to score, and then tacked on yet another surrendered score of his own. And that would be the Chicago White Sox, 3rd worst team in MLB this year ( 2nd worst pitching staff). And the Angels found a way to lose to them, 5-3.

That incident from Sunday where the Cubs fan stole a loose baseball intended for a little boy, and handed it over to his wife?

Yeah, context is king. After social media blew the guy up, and real-time articles went even further, many people chimed in and gave a greater picture, exonerating the dude. It turns out that he had already helped that same boy fetch a foul ball earlier in that same game. And he was helping people all around him with baseball giving……Even with all that now known, however, I still think it’s a punk move to take away a ball that a person on the field wanted that kid to have, and I don’t care how many other balls that kid had already gotten. No fan is the Emperor of Free Baseballs…………

I don’t always agree with Buster Olney. But when I do, I don’t call him a knuckleheaded idjit. He raises a very fair point: “ No major professional sports league has attempted to strike since social media became so ingrained in U.S. culture.” The Players’ Union needs to get extremely savvy on how to leverage social media, and extremely quick, else they are going to get roasted in the eyes of the public when the CBA come up for renewal

This is a subject that warrants attention. As I meander around the Interpipes vast and wide 5 days a week, I pick up more and more on respectable people with respectable experience and respectable views chirping up that this Memorial Day marketing party of MLB is less and less about remembering those who sacrificed their chance to live long and prosper that we might. The Nick Francona stuff really pisses me off. But this new info that MLB does it all out of fear seems like some really stupid and uncreative thinking………..

If you build a bullpen of 1 or 2 inning guys who are trained to throw 20 pitches at 100mph, you increase the odds of running out of guys at all. This is the case in modern MLB, which is why we have seen a new record for teams running out of guys and having to use position players to mop up………….( And that record tally keeps going up!)………..

Down goes the New York Daily News sports pages. Yet another victim of the MSM publishing suicide pact……….Although, this take from the sporting POV is rather hyperbolic. I am also in the sporting world and even I know of Vanity Fair. They don’t see a need for in-depth sports coverage in order to satisfy their mission. It all depends on what mission a publishing empire wishes to pursue………

So, Granderson is available?………. The Trade Deadline looms….. Here are things to think about…..Without going into all the details of all the rumors on all the trades, I would really like to see a Matt Harvey Miracle……….Looks like we missed out on a better chance to improve our bullpen, by allowing Oakland to steal Jeurys Familia from the salary-dumping Wilpons Mets ownership. (Especially when it looks like the Wilpons are prime targets for exploitation once again.)………

Good catch, redditer. With Machado gone, Zack Greinke now has a higher offensive fWAR than anybody on the Orioles today…………. Not so good catch, redditer. Looks like somebody stole Jessica’s MS Paint job?…..(By the way, compare the MLB cartoon to the PITCHF/x cartoon. Close – #5 especially – but not the exact same we presume all this scientific robo shit to be.)………Stirrups raises hand. “Yeah, pick me!”………..MLB was so eager to do all that fabulous “marketing of their players”, that they almost auctioned off Bryce Harper’s winning Derby HR……….. Billy Butler was clearly hosed by the vast MLB conspiracy. Because he is proving that he still has it……….Protect the baby. That’s the priority, right?………..