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Rates: Current rates are $75.00 per hour as of Jan 1, 2016, subject to change. As of Jan 1, 2016 the following applies:All my charges and I will have extensive email conversations of what they want. Once they pay their deposit, then I build their sessions based on our conversations. I prefer all my charges to provide all their own diapers. I change at $10.00 per diaper, $15.00 if you make a messy. Cost will be $5.00 per bottle, $5.00 per meal. Unless you want me to take you out for a meal, then you pay cost of the meal. If the cost seems high to you, please remember I have to purchase all supplies such as wipes, powder, gloves, etc. I have to take all these costs into consideration. All activities will be negotiated. I do expect 50% down a minimum of 30 days prior to visit and remaining 50% to be paid 1 week prior to visit.

I can do limited travel. Please feel free to message me for those details. I take PayPal, Google Wallet, credit card, money order and cash. All cards will show on statement as Go-Fers (which is my everyday business).

Notes: I don’t charge….nor am I condemning anyone who does. I know there are some who see themselves as providing a service…..and from what I have seen…..there is quite a lot of work involved. But for me….I don’t consider it a service……but a way to satisfy a need. And it’s not the little one’s need I am only referring to…..I am referring to my own need to be a mommy. As far as payment….if my little one is satisfied….then I’m successful parent….thus fulfilling my needs. I would prefer a female (not sissy boy) because I am hoping the experience will be better than previous when I had an AB boy. As I have found out infantilism goes from the true Aby (one who only has the desires and needs to be a baby) to the extreme (which is to bizarre to mention). I would prefer the TRUE Aby, one who (for whatever reason) resorts to this lifestyle as a way to escape the stresses of everyday life. And even though society might frown upon this…it’s better than turning to drugs and alcohol. What I DON’T want is the Aby who will say anything I want to hear….who will agree with everything I say, just to hook me….and then as time goes on….their true intent starts to come out when they ask questions such as, can I be naked when I drink my bottle….or mommy what will you do if I get an erection…..In other words this is nothing more than a sexual thing for them. To avoid this…this is why my preference is a female. But I do know most females would prefer a daddy…so I am not totally ruling out males. However, if you’re a male….let me warn you….I will scrutinize everything you say and do….and if you happen to be close by….I will not meet until I am sure of your intentions. I apologize if I sound so negative…but this should be an enjoyable experience and my previous attempt wasn’t. Lastly….as far a changing diapers….I cannot change messy diapers and would prefer to take you to the potty for that thus letting you clean your own self. Wet diapers are okay as I would expect this from a little one and it also helps you enjoy your experience by letting you lose control. However, I have yet to change one….but I would be willing to try. Anyway….if I seem like a mommy you would like….please email me….lets talk and see what happens. BTW, I am not opposed to being an online mommy if you don’t live closeby. Unfortunately I don’t have anything of use because I don’t have a little one. But that will change I am sure…because I would like to buy toys, clothes etc just as any new mommy would do.

Notes: Includes roleplay of your choice, I’m happy to play any big sister, sitter, even mommy of your dreams. I strongly prefer we talk prior to cam2cam if that is the direction you choose, as I like to know a bit about you and your interests before we begin. I’m pretty open to new things, so requests are more than welcomed, encouraged even. Knowing someone is getting the most out of their time with me is a pretty awesome feeling. I am 100% comfortable with wet as well as messy diapers. Unfortunately I can’t host offline visits at this time. If you have any questions, don’t be shy, I won’t bite. For cam2cam, voice and text services I use uTox as opposed to Skype as it is a bit more secure and I’ve found the video quality to be better. Accounts are free, the application uses very few resources and it’s all pretty easy to use. For payment, I am accepting bitcoin, but am willing to work with most issues people have with this method and may be able to find an alternative we can both agree upon. I will play with babies from all walks of life, though I will not budge on prohibiting minors from attending a session with me. *18 year old FEMALE* *Experienced*

Notes: I have been nanny since I was 15 years old up til recently. I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to children, however I am 2 months new into this life style. I don’t feel like it’s much different. Littles tend to act a lot like real life ones from what I’ve seen. Let me list below what I am willing and what I’m not willing to do! I AM willing to change pee diapers. I AM NOT willing to change poop ones AT ALL! I AM willing to travel once I get to know the little bit better [world is unsafe place, I am cautious and there will be travel fee’s as well if outside of Kansas]. I AM willing to do all caretaker duties [or Mommy duties] like help brush your teeth, meals and so on. including punishments. I AM NOT, I mean I WILL NOT do anything sexual what so ever. If there is something your wanting but not on the list, feel free to contact me, I am very friendly personal and willing to work on affordable rates that most can afford. I will change pee diapers only I will feed, clothed, read stories and all the essential mommy/caretaker duties. I won’t be doing this from my house, only yours or at a park or whatever 🙂 Contact me Ohmymarie2016@gmail.com <3

Notes: Hello sweet little darlings, just call me mommy. I am looking forward to providing day care services to all the special little ones that decide to contact me. I am open to most ABDL activities, except poopy diapers. I will bathe my baby when its necessary, and you will get lots of loving cuddles. I am currently building my nursery furniture, and will have it soon. Please contact me when you are able, and please keep in mind that my rate is two hundred and fifty dollars per hour. I am sure you will love our time together. I really adore caring for little sweeties. XOXO, Mommy. I change wet diapers, I have many diapers available, and all the supplies needed to care for little ones, and I also have clothing and pacifiers as well. Bring anything special that you need to bring to be used during our session. I will not charge per change or for any supplies you use, my fee is the only cost. I will also discuss overnight stays for those little ones from out of state, or those that need more time with mommy.

Notes: I am not a professional and do not charge for babysitting. You may bring your own diapers, clothing, baby food, or I can provide regular diapers or pull-ups. I only have baby girl clothing in my size. I have a nice mirrored nursery with twin bed for nap time. I also have just received my lovely pink RoboSpanker. It can be set soft, medium, or hard. Hard is very painful so keep this in mind if you request this setting. I have sterile Foley catheters with anti reflux valve to prevent infection if you request. I can also provide enema, suppository, laxative treatments if requested. I change all diapers wet and messy. You can request punishment for infractions as you wish. All I ask is that part of the time you babysit me. This does not have to happen on the first playdate. I will bathe, feed, diaper, and dress my babies. There is a TV in the nursery for baby to watch cartoons and play. There is a corner for corner time if needed and I can wash out your mouth with soap if requested. I enjoy all types of role play. No sex. daf502013@gmail.com Get up your nerve and contact me. We will have fun.