University 101 – first-year information literacy program – libguides at university of south carolina upstate

• Information Literacy introduction – During the first week or two of class, introduce the concept of information literacy and college-level research by using the "What is Information Literacy" video found on the University 101 Research Guide (or the similarly titled video accessible on the P drive), a discussion based on Chapter 10 of Your College Experience, or another activity of your choosing. Assign the Library Virtual Tour and Assignment (linked to the University 101 Research Guide) to be completed before you give your research assignment.

• University 101 Research Guide – This library guide has additional instructional materials, arranged by the five information literacy standards in order to better reinforce research as a process.

The guide includes links to the library resources most used by University 101 students. The Research Projects tab includes links to additional resources necessary for certain projects.

• Research Project – The research project should be designed to give students practice in using library resources, at minimum the library catalog and Academic Search Complete article database. Send a copy of your research project to the Coordinator of Information Literacy so that we may evaluate whether specialized resources need to be added to the University 101 Research Guide for your section.

• Beginning Research Module. This online module is designed to help students learn how to explore and focus a topic to come up with a viable research question, using Credo Reference sources. It is designed to be the first stage in a research project and is particularly recommended for academically-oriented projects in which students need to come up with their own topic.

• Optional Librarian-Assisted Work Period – For sections with a greater emphasis on research, the purpose of this session is to find sources for the research project or other research-based assignments. Subject to librarian and room availability. In order to schedule a librarian-assisted work period, a copy of your research project should be on file with the Coordinator of Information Literacy. Students MUST have completed the Beginning Research Module or a similar exercise before this session.

The Library offers optional librarian-assisted work periods for sections of University 101 that have research projects demanding significant use of library resources. Work periods are held in library classrooms and may be scheduled through the request form below. Sessions are not introductions to the library or research, but focused on finding sources for the assignment. While this may include some basic instruction in a database or effective searching, the bulk of the period is spent in hands-on searching for sources with the librarian and instructor present to help guide students. The Library Tour module gives a basic introduction to library resources and services, including electronic resources, while the University 101 Research Guide pulls together instructional materials and recommended resources for University 101 projects. Criteria for scheduling a session are:

• On receipt of the request with assignment, the Coordinator of Information Literacy will find a librarian to teach the session. While we will try to schedule your session on the requested day, this is subject to the availability of librarians and facilities. The librarian teaching your session will contact you to confirm or schedule the session.