We can change the world as you and me part ii healing-joy ministries how to wash clothes using detergent

I was grateful for the time I had with everyone the night before, and tried to wake up early enough to recover any emotional damage I did to myself. I felt pretty good. What setting to wash clothes I decided to wear the same pants (to stretch) but put on a different top. I was doing my part to save the world by re-using my pants from yesterday. If we were going to talk sustainability, I was going walk the talk. The truth is though, I was trying to save on washing clothes, and I only wore those pants for a few hours, so I thought I could get another 10 hours or so out of them.

We were sitting at the round table brainstorming. Reviewing the united nations 17 global goals for health and well being that illustrated their priorities. We were tasked with framing problems with possible solutions according to these goals.

When they get to me, I said, “why do we have to choose one problem, when all of these issues are inter-sectional? If we really want to make change, shouldn’t we consider another framework, one that holds all these issues together? What if we took a value-based approach instead of an issue-based approach, and leverage the strength that is already here?” folks looked at me in silence, and then someone asked me what I meant.

I went on to say that, “well, if we took a value, let’s just say, justice, but it could be any, it could be compassion, peace, or whatever, and we defined what we mean by that value, we could use that definition to infuse the work that everyone is good at. Wouldn’t that be better than having to decide on one issue, like forced labor, when race, economics, food, water, and so forth are all wrapped up in the factors as to why someone is forced into labor? It makes sense to me for us to utilize the gifts that are already at the table, instead of saying, (I look at jonathan who is sitting to my right) ‘you give up your gift of psychology and writing and take on the issue of forced labor, something that you have not dedicated your profession to.’ whereas, if we took on a value that we explicitly and carefully define, we can affect change where we are already gifted.” that comment started a really nice conversation with all of the ten minds that were at that table exchanging and sharing in their thoughts. It was awesome. I thanked god for the moments of social redemption.

During a break I went to go find something warm to drink, as I was so cold. There was coffee. How to clean vintage doll clothes I don’t even drink coffee, but for the sake of something hot, I went to pour a cup, and it was empty. I hugged my shoulders to keep from shivering too much. A tall slender black man came over to me and said, “are you cold?” I said that I indeed was. He caringly responded, “why didn’t you say something sooner? And he put one arm around my shoulders to warm me up.”

“ahhh that was so kind,” I said as we were called to go back to our seats before we could even start a conversation. At the end of saturday night, we were closing and wilda was saying her departing words. She looked at me and said, and we have a special dance performance as our blessing to leave. I was so nervous. This dance was my contribution to the conference. Ever since I got a glimpse of some of the audience from friday night, I was just wondering what I could do to blow the minds of these dignitaries, scholars, and business people.

I couldn’t think of anything great besides going outside and getting folks to help participate in the movement. I prayed that it would go over well. How to wash clothes in hard water I changed my clothes, as I wanted to wear something that flowed a bit more, and joined them outside. I didn’t know where they went, but I saw wilda and the crew. She asked where I wanted to dance, and I saw a fountain that was made from a old fire pit. “there!” I exclaimed.

I got on the brick that surrounded by the small fountain of water, and asked people to stand and make a circle. Unprompted, they all held hands. I lead them in a deep breath in, and exhale. We did that twice and on the last exhale I asked them to let go of their hands and raise them above their hands while continuing to breathe. They followed my exact directions. How to wash knitted baby clothes I continued to lead them and asked them to repeat after me. I clapped my hands, they clapped their hands. I patted my lap, they patted their lap, I snapped my fingers, they snapped their fingers, “now scream, OOOOOOOOOOO, and they screamed, OOOOO.” we repeated that two or three times and I instructed that these patterns are now our music. If they see an animal, like a squirrel or ground hog or anything to make the noise of that animal as an offering inside the circle. The only thing you can’t do is to keep your thought, somehow, stay engaged with our circle. “let’s go.”

I took my position crouched down, hands out trying to touch the water. Knowing that it was too far in front of me, I motion as though I touched the water. I turned my right hip towards the direction of the sounds of birds, monkeys, odd noises, claps, stomps, and as I slowly twisted my hips, bending my knees, as I cautiously walk the circular brick wall surrounding the fountain, almost mimicking tai chi, I hear someone say, “wow that takes balance.” I see people moving their arms, swaying, or bending low…they are really moving with me, and I was struck by the engaged and positive energy. The force of the sounds, the motions, and the people moving were really strong. What do you use to wash baby clothes all of that synergy made me want to stop. I had never felt anything like it before. I make it around the circle once, jumped off the brick, looked at everyone, brought my hands together in a prayer pose, and said, “thank you.”

We all clapped for each other. Several people came up to me and thanked me for the blessing. People shared stories of what type of movement they do on a regular basis, or that they were going to use that in their work, or were just appreciative of what they just experienced. One person asked if I came up with the dance and that group experience myself, and I said, “yes.” while I didn’t say this part, I thought, “I don’t know who else would do something like this, but if there are others, I must know them, they might be my people.” I felt really affirmed. As I stayed to help straighten up the room, the same man who gave me a hug near the coffee pot earlier stayed behind as well. There were four of us, including walt and wilda. I found out that the man was from nigeria, but lives in california. Can you wash black and colored clothes together I was asking about how everyone gets to go to the united nations, and I was informed that people plan to go. I asked the tall man who gave me a hug, who is called doc gee, if he is going this march. He said, “I’m on staff, so I have to.”