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FIRST TIME BUYERS IN NOE VALLEY WHO GAVE UP BUT MOVED QUICKLY WHEN AN OFF-MARKET LISTING CAME UP We worked primarily with Kevin on our search for a new home in San Francisco. As first time buyers unsure of exactly what we wanted, not to mention where in the city we wanted to be, Kevin was very patient and generous with his time in order to help us figure out what would best fit our desires and budget. With the training and attention-to-detail of a lawyer and the eye of a designer, Kevin has all the right skills. He is personable, professional, hard-working and well-connected amongst agents in the city. Kevin ultimately found an off-market property in Noe Valley, at the right price, that is perfect for us. He knew it, we knew it, and within 24 hours of seeing the property we had a signed contract.

We were able to move with speed and confidence because of our trust in Kevin, the time he took to educate us in advance throughout our search, and his outstanding market knowledge. We are nothing but happy with our new home and with the outstanding service Kevin provided. Even now, Kevin and Jonathan are only a text or email away with recommendations or answers to our questions. We highly recommend working with K&J!

PREEMPTIVE OFFER WINS SPECTACULAR PROPERTY Kevin was an ideal agent. He listened to our needs and brought a ton of SF neighborhood knowledge to the table. We had a pretty set idea of what we wanted coming into the process, but Kevin helped us see the potential of expanding our search into new neighborhoods. Behold finding the gem of Castro/Corona Heights. The reason we didn’t have it on our list was because we didn’t even know it existed. Now we have made a home in one of the most idyllic places in SF thanks to Kevin’s expert insight. Not only did he secure the picture-perfect location, but our new home has exceeded all expectations!! Kevin helped us make a preemptive offer on our place because he had his ear to the ground and got us in earlier than any other agent could have. If this spot had gone on the market there would have been a bidding frenzy that we most likely wouldn’t have been able to keep up with. We owe it to Kevin for the help in getting us in early and snatching up this beautiful condo before anyone else got the chance. MASSIVE THANKS!!!

Kevin is a licensed California attorney but focuses on real estate about 99.9 percent of the time. Important to note that while you can’t take the attorney out of him he will not be acting as your attorney here. Also important to note is that real estate is always changing and evolving. And while the information on this site is considered to be accurate and correct, it cannot be warranted as being such because things, like tax law changes of late, or San Francisco’s complicated Rent Ordinance (and interpretations of such), or ever-changing market values — to name a few — can and do change with little notice, logic or reason.

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