Why the cast of vanderpump rules will sell you anything modern bathroom wall tile designs pictures

Vanderpump’s partnership with the toms is the highest-profile outside endeavor any of the cast have managed, and the two spent much of the VPR’s most recent season enthusing about being given the chance to work with someone as wealthy and impressive as lisa. Luxury bathroom decorating ideas but if the lines outside tom tom are anything to go on, it’s a profitable establishment, so she’s benefiting from the deal as well — plus, it gives the show a new plot line that doesn’t involve pretending that two men who can likely command tens of thousands of dollars for a single club appearance are still bartending and catalog-modeling their way through life.

The toms’ situation is not unique: seven seasons in, vanderpump rules’ viewership numbers are on par with RHOBH’s, and it’s increasingly impossible to pretend that the cast are the broke waitresses and hollywood wannabes they were when the show debuted in 2013.

Rihanna recently snapchatted herself watching an episode; they’re hanging out with self-proclaimed superfan chrissy teigen at awards shows.

In the world of branded partnerships, sponsored content is the lowest-hanging fruit, and so everybody partakes. Hostess lala kent shills for a tea-infused diet shake line called teami, as do waitress brittany cartwright, her fiancé jax taylor, and bartender tom sandoval; staff both current (maloney-schwartz) and former (kristen doute) do a fertility bracelet called ava. (they swear they aren’t trying to get pregnant — just tracking their cycles.) schroeder and cartwright are #partners of the skin care line bioclarity. (cartwright, who has yet to establish a brand, project, or product line of her own, also stumps for liquid IV and a meal replacement shake called 310 nutrition. Plus she works with fabfitfun, because someone has to.) pretty much everyone is a diff eyewear partner.

But please don’t call them influencers. “I hate that term,” doute says on the phone. “I can be influenced by anything — a song, a piece of art, whatever. Luxury hotel bathroom amenities it’s not a job title. I see myself as a designer, mostly.” doute has a T-shirt line — more on that in a bit — but her attitude is representative: it seems like the survers are interested in having visible creative control, and not just using themselves as props in advertisements for other people’s products.

So their solo projects are, in general, more ambitious and individualized, especially when the cast member has officially left serving behind. Schroeder, who was the first to part ways with SUR after the show’s second season, has a book called next level basic, which comes out from simon schuster in april of next year, as well as a podcast called straight up with stassi , which she’s been doing since 2015.

It makes particular sense for reality TV personalities to turn their jobs playing themselves into jobs selling versions of what they wear, because they’re usually responsible for doing their own wardrobe and makeup. (in the course of reporting this story, every cast member who I asked about fashion faux pas past groaned, then sighed, and then, dutifully, answered.) whatever they do and don’t know about anything else — waiting tables, or the difference between sweden and switzerland — we can see plainly on our screens what they do and don’t know about styling themselves.

Creating product lines is also a direct-to-consumer endeavor: whereas getting cast in a movie or signed to a label requires impressing gatekeepers who might not want to be associated with reality TV (or may not be convinced by your talent), selling lipstick and T-shirts just requires enough startup capital to create stock, and a big and loyal enough instagram following to ensure that someone will buy what you’re selling.

Maloney-schwartz’s beauty blog, pucker pout, has been mostly dormant lately but previously spawned a lipstick collaboration with makeup brand julie hewett. Luxury bathroom designs pictures bartender ariana madix has also done a lipstick collab, and she’s got a beauty line called facelixir in the works. Schroeder has become a self-styled styling activist by establishing #OOTD day (outfit of the day … day) as an actual national holiday.

The phrase speaks to the “be yourself” ethos kent preaches to her followers: “now that I’ve matured and grown, it doesn’t mean ‘give the people what they want’ anymore,” she says. “for me it’s like, ‘do you, boo.’ it’s like, whoever you are, give them whoever you feel you are or want to be. It means so much more now, and I love that it’s my brand.”

“I feel like, and I’m not speaking for everybody, but my own self, I have been on the other side, where I look at social media and all of these girls who just look absolutely stunning and perfect, and it’s a huge mind-fuck,” she says. “so it’s really important for me to show my natural — in quotes — face, with no makeup,” which she does in occasional barefaced selfies. “and also for people to know I’ve had botox here and there. Luxury bathroom supplies uk I’ve had my fillers.”

If the kardashians are the ultimate glossy A-list #goals of the celebrity beauty world, the vanderpump rules crew are their C-list siblings. That may sound like a dis, but they actually get a better deal in the long run: their position comes with a slightly less impossible mandate to present constant, effortless perfection. While the kardashians have to get butt X-rays to prove that none of their assets have been enhanced, the survers proudly claim at least two boob jobs, one chin implant, and enough botox to smooth out a herd of elephants between them — and that’s not even counting the three nose jobs jax taylor has had on camera.

They’re honest about the work of a hollywood body, because they know that at the end of the day, access to the grittiest, grossest details of those bodies is the thing their businesses are largely built on. If the show’s particular magic comes in part from its sense of stasis, its promise that being beautiful in a big city doesn’t mean you’ve actually got much going on, then this is how the cast retains their appeal now that they’re vogue-profile famous: by showing us all of the unglamorous — even violent — work that goes into remaining camera-ready.

This is makeup that’s made to be applied in a friend’s shitty bathroom and then smeared on the rim of a goblet of that wine. It’s not asking you to have a totally different life, but instead inviting you into a more fun version of the one you already inhabit. (“I’m really into the more natural look now,” kent says of her current makeup vibe. “I’m into a really good highlighter. I’m also into a natural lip, which still makes me look like I have killer BJ lips, and then, like, eyeliner, you know?”)

Reality television turns person into persona; instagram accounts and self-branded product lines render that persona a series of discrete, consumable objects. Attention turns into money, and money turns into a reason to pay attention. It may not be the kind of career path we’re used to, but it is nonetheless an increasingly viable and common one. Luxury small bathroom pictures the cast of vanderpump rules and their contemporaries no longer have to be actresses or singers in order to be famous or make money — instead, they can sell us products as a proxy for selling us the things we’re really fans of. That, of course, would be themselves.