Zojirushi rice cooker review ns-tgc18

The Zojirushi NS-TGC18 10-Cup Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer is a stylish stainless steel cooker priced available online at Amazon. Amazon even offers free super saver shipping on this Zojirushi model bringing it to you free of cost. This Zojirushi rice cooker is a flexible kitchen appliance that helps you cook rice to a perfect consistency, bake cakes and do much more. Zojirushi has been manufacturing quality appliances for a long time and has built up a well deserved reputation for quality.

The Zojirushi NS-TGC18 is a very elegantly designed rice cooker with a stainless steel exterior. The unit is capable of cooking up to 10 cups of rice at one time. This nifty appliance has a range of cooking functions and advanced fuzzy logic technology to make cooking rice and other grains, as well as complete meals, easy.

At first glance you may be tempted to think – a rice cooker is a rice cooker! Not so with this model; it has some great features including the highly advanced fuzzy logic technology, capacity to cook large quantities of rice and other dishes, multi-menu cooking functions for easy operation, keep warm function and a heating system for even heating of the thick, inner cooking dish.

Regardless of what type of rice you want to cook, your NS-TGC18 is capable of producing perfectly cooked rice be it sushi, mixed rice, sweet rice, brown rice or regular white rice. It’s also fully capable of cooking other grains such as quinoa, millet and buckwheat. One unique feature of this Zojirushi rice cooker is the detachable lid, a feature not found on many rice cookers. This allows you to easily clean the lid and makes washing up and keeping the appliance clean a simple task. The LCD control panel is easy-to-read and user friendly. If you prefer to keep the rice warm till your return, you have the keep warm and extended keep warm functions to choose from.

In addition, the appliance has a delay timer with two different setting options, a retractable cord to avoid a mess of tangled cords in your kitchen and a clear-coated, full stainless steel exterior that is really eye pleasing. Keeping your Zojirushi NS-TGC18 clean is never a difficulty, and you can bet its going to blend in with your existing kitchen decor beautifully.

The cooking pan has markings on the inside of the pan that lets you gauge the amount of rice or other ingredients you are adding to the dish. This helps to save time measuring each ingredient before adding it to the pan. With the delay timer, you get to preset the time so that you benefit from perfectly cooked rice that is fresh and hot when you want it. Whenever you need your rice to be cooked in your absence, the “not home yet” feature will automatically get activated and turn the rice cooker setting to keep warm once the rice is cooked.

Some reviewers of the Zojirushi NS-TGC18 feel that the only drawback with this rice cooker is the price. It’s true that Japanese rice cookers are generally a bit pricier than other brands but there is a reason for the additional cost and once you’ve owned a Zojirushi rice cooker it’s a brand that you’ll quickly come to trust and rely upon.